Welcome Sister!

Mama Nature is the most amazing healer, always working towards homeostasis or balance.

She heals herself, as she offers up healing to us.

She is the full embodiment of the Mother.

When I place my feet firmly on her, her energy flows freely.

When I call on her for support, her strength and stability flow up my legs to ground me.

She provides us with everything we need for nourishment and can be a soft place to fall when we’re most in need.

With this knowledge flowing through me, it becomes ever more important that I tread as lightly as I can on the Earth and live in harmony with her with each breathe I take.

We mustn’t take her for granted, we mustn’t take without giving back. We must honour her and love her always.

Barefoot & Nourished was created to support you in your journey to finding your path, living in your truth, healing your wounds and stepping into your powerful and fierce Inner Goddess, all while living in harmony with Mama Earth.